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If it weren’t for the Iron Stache, you might have never heard of Randy Bryce. After seven years as a union activist, Bryce exploded onto the national political scene in June with a viral announcement video one congressman called the greatest campaign launch he’d ever seen.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s recruitment team gathered its members together to watch it: Bryce, in a hard hat, tells Paul Ryan, “Let’s trade places…You can come work the iron, and I’ll go to DC.” After the video ended, no one said a word.

Again, I’m nominated as favorite horror show host- so make sure you vote for whichever host is your favorite in that category.

Bryce looked into the camera lens and said, “Paul Ryan!

Welcome to Wisconsin.” “So many people watch our shit,” Bryce’s campaign manager, David Keith, standing nearby, said to Bryce. ” The 52-year-old Bryce is built like a lineman, with soft brown eyes and a flattop that flares up in the front like uncut grass.

This 1946 ghost story features Lou (as Horatio) and Bud ( as Cuthbert and his descendant) as separate entities, not as a team- Lou is teamed up with the lovely Marjorie Reynolds as the two ghosts.

We’ll talk about the stories of WHY the boys were not a team in this film (and the expert who disputes them), as well as giving background on the other players, including Gale Sondergaard and Binnie Barnes.

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