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A wise, old editor of mine used to say 'report it out.' She meant 'go talk to people, don't rely on your own opinions and judgment.' It's a good maxim.One of my Update 19 July 2016: I wrote this article back in 2006 when I was interviewing and writing pretty much all the time and it was based on my experience as a freelance journalist for Wired, Director and Popular Science.Researchers tell stories in their papers, with the context and ‘what we know now’, before telling about their method and their findings. And the telling of the story is as important as the identification itself.

When talking to journalists: the conclusion needs to come first and be hammered home. 2) Think about your audience Tragic as it may be, most people won’t be excited about a new dataset.If you share that enthusiasm and show why you have spent so long on this project it will be far easier to convince people to take notice.4) People matter It’s difficult for people to really grasp what, for example, a 2% rise in income means, especially if they feel that they’re not part of the ‘average’ group you might be talking about.1) Journalists have no time You’re not the only person trying to grab their attention, so your headline needs to be as clear and as early as possible.Tell them the key takeaway, why they should be surprised and even why they should care, and do it quickly.

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