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Hunter founded the PWA to aid and assist other single, newly arriving African American women.

She led the Association until her retirement in 1946.

Many historians agree that Loguen’s own home was a widely known station on the Underground Railroad and his basement was fitted with bunks and other equipment for fugitive slaves.

In 1869 Loguen’s daughter, Amelia, married Lewis Douglass, the son of orator, author and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Loguen, later known as Sarah Loguen, graduated from the Syracuse University College of Medicine in 1876, becoming one of the first African American women in the country to practice medicine. Martin de Porres is best known for his charitable work.

Bush’s story is even more remarkable because he was a man of mixed race who overcame prejudice and discrimination to succeed as one of the area’s most beloved figures. It is believed that his father was Mathew Bush, a West Indian who married the Irish maid of a wealthy Quaker family in Pennsylvania.

His academic talents were noticed by New York philanthropist Gerrit Smith, who sponsored his education at the Oneida Institute, a progressive interracial school in upstate New York.

Patrick Healy was born on February 2, 1834 in Macon, Georgia to an Irish American father and a mother who was a mulatto domestic slave.

These loving parents wanted their children to receive a good education, which they could not receive in their home state due to laws restricting illegitimate children and slaves by birth from attending school.

Van Tine and Michael Dale Pierce, Builders of Ohio: A Biographical History, (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2003); Women in History, Jane Edna Hunter biography Last Updated: 1/25/2008, Lakewood Public Library, Date accessed 12/12/2008, Patrick Healy was one of the successful Healy siblings of the early 19th century who openly acknowledged being of part African or black ancestry.

Known as the first American of acknowledged African descent to earn a doctorate, Patrick Healy was also the first African American to become a Jesuit priest and the first to become president of a major university in the United States.

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