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Sedentary Arabs became more reliant on livestock and forged closer ties with Bedouins, and in some cases joined their tribes. Radios and television have brought new ideas and exposure to the outside world.

The oil industry has changed the lives of many Bedouins, who have to deal with oil fields, trucks and other vehicles and machines in areas that were once was only desert.

Agricultural and pastoral people have inhabited the southern edge of the arid Syrian steppe since 6000 B. Bedouins were once the primary inhabitants of the Holy Land. Many elements of Bedouin culture have not changed much since Biblical times. C., Bedouin moved westward into Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula and southwestward along the coast of the Red Sea. During the Muslim conquests thousands of Muslims---many of them Bedouins---left the Arabian peninsula and settled in newly conquered land nearby and later spread across of much of the Middle East and North Africa.

In the 7th century Bedouin were among the first converts to Islam. Bedouins have traditionally raised livestock for sedentary Arabs. Bedouins carried out caravan trade with camels between Arabia and the large city states of Syria.

Today, many Bedouins in Oman commute between their desert camps and their jobs in the oil fields in pick-up trucks and SUVs; water is brought to their camps in trucks; and children go to boarding school.

While Bedouins continued to move their herds of camels and goats several times a year to new pastures they no longer depend on their animals for survival. Now we have cars, water, rice---we have everything!

A few Bedouin groups in Jordan have remained Christian since early Islamic times.

After the Mongol conquests, when irrigations systems in the Middle East were seriously damaged. Roads have decreased their isolation and increased contacts with outsiders.There is some debate as to whether non-Arab- speaking nomads who live in the Middle East are Bedouins.These groups generally prefer names like the Fedaan tribe or the Rashaayda Arabs to Bedouins.Bedouins in the desert watch television powered by batteries or car batteries. " Like other Arabs, Bedouins speak different dialects of Arabic.Affluent ones have car phones and satellite television, and goatherds who use ATM machines. A man’s name generally consists of a personal first name, the father’s name and at least the agnatic grandfather’s name.

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Bedouins are Arabs and desert nomads who hail from and continue to live primarily in the Arabian peninsula and the Middle East and North Africa.

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