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Look for 9646 events in the application log of the Server technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb676486(EXCHG.80)social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/outlook/thread/… Recurring tasks are a type of task in Outlook that allows you to create a task once, and then have it recreated automatically after a designated time interval.And this is where it gets interesting because there are a lot of recurrence options, particularly in Windows Outlook, and they can be confusing.I’ll start with Windows, and then later below show you the Mac.After you finish that task and you mark it complete (or delete its instance), this is where recurrence kicks in.

In the MYN list, when you mark them complete, they disappear (they don’t in normal Outlook).

This keeps going on forever, unless you set an end date in the dialog above.

By the way, if you never complete the first task and so you do not mark it complete, the old instance of the task remains alone on into the future (you don’t end up with two identical tasks come next Friday).

And they only reappear when they are next needed; they then pop into the top of the MYN task list at just the right time. There is one thing to be aware of, however, if you are just now starting the MYN system in Outlook.

The MYN Outlook system, as you may know, focuses on the start date of tasks, not the due date.

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Choosing Recurrence Options in Windows When you click the Recurrence button in Windows, the following Task Recurrence dialog box opens in Windows: This dialog defaults to a weekly Recurrence pattern (see the upper left corner).

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