Naya rivera dating matthew hodgson

Mercedes: Says she has the dream, its getting there that's the problem.

It's possible that she could just go and work until she makes it, but Will wants more solid life plans - even if only out of her.

Haven't said this in a while, but Rachel, you're an idiot.

She then spews trash about how home isn't something but someone (Yes. As this is going on, we intercut with Finchel going to see Emma, who provides Finn with a stack of University brochures - he says he'll consider them but, showing that these problems are more rooted than we thought, dumps them all in the trash when he leaves.

Birth Name: Naya Marie Rivera Nickname: The Veiled Fairy, N’Nay, Bee, Nay Nay, Nay Nay Rivers, Nougat, Snix, Ni Ni, Smoochy Born: January 12, 1987 Ethnicity: Multiracial Religion: Christian Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Birth Place: Valencia, California, USA Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA Nationality: American Education: She attended Valencia High School in Santa Clarita, California Occupation: Actress, model, singer Net Worth: million Measurements: 36-25-34 Height: 5’5″ (1.65 m) Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown Bra Size: 34C Dress Size: 8 Shoe Size: 8.5 Distinctive features: Pouty lips, various tattoos Best known for: Her role as Santana Lopez in teen musical comedy drama series ‘Glee’ Naya Rivera Family: Father – George Rivera Mother – Yolanda Rivera Siblings – Mychal Rivera, Nickayla Rivera Naya Rivera Dated: First Film: She made her debut on the big screen in 2009 with her role as Hottie in ‘Frankenhood’ First TV appearance: Her television debut came in 1991 with her role as Hillary Winston in sitcom ‘The Royal Family’ Personal trainer: Although she doesn’t seem to employ the services of a personal trainer, Naya works out quite a lot in her spare time and it shows.

Time to get groovy with another tribute episode, this one celebrating one of the more influential genres.

When it's clear Finn's still not going, Puck simply says that whatever dream he has should be as big as he is.

She says her ambition's an inferno and shocking no one, this leads to some "Disco Inferno".

Afterwards, she laments; Will tries to use the "cream rises to the top" platitude, only for her to call herself "skim milk".

He solidifies his resolution by having a romantic couples dance with Rachel, the number including a Dream Sequence that (instead of letting Quinn and Artie dance) features all the assorted couples.

Santana: Starts with some "If I Can't Have You", which for some reason cause Will to mistake her dedication to Brittany to mean that she is actually going to study domestic law and work towards legalising gay marriage.

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It's basically the same suit Santana already wore in "Me Against The Music".

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