Intimidating girls are a good thing

Finally I want to say that this fragrance is one of those perfumes you want to wear over and over again because it smells that good but it should not be a signature scent or daily wear type of fragrance. Enough so that since I already own a couple Dior Addicts, I don't feel the need to add this one to my collection.

It's special and seems suited to only special occasions. The bottle, although a different shape, is even the same colour as Dior Addict's...

Never forget that one of the most important factors in perfumery is the skin chemistry, a perfume that clashes with some, can bloom on others, also it can match their personality in the most delightful way.

Everyone has different influences and incentives which deserve everyone's respect. Heck, I’d settle for merely liking it so I can justifying buying it for the stunning bottle (even more beautiful in real life).

Im wearing La Rive Miss Dream right now and I kept breaking my head to figure out where ive smelled this before. I think Good Girl smells synthetic tho and at some point it reminds me of a celebrity perfume, possibly Bieber's someday. I hate tuberose, generally it is veeery loud on my skin and perfumes with this note usually become a soliflore and give me huge headaches (Truth or Dare the ultimate example). I would usually find something like a high heel shoe kitsch but somehow the juice reigns it in. I really would have guessed it is a perfume from the 80s. Unfortunately, I would spray it on my clothes and skin, walk around for 5 minutes then come back and spray it again.

And then i recalled the smell when I tested Good Girl at Ulta so I rush to the fragrantica page and what I see.. La Rive's Miss Dream is more grown up, better quality so I prefer it. But this scent is a great combo of cocoa/tuber/leather that gives a suede-ish comfortably feel with cacao gourmand overtones that make it a comfortable heaven (and sweet also, though not cloyingly so). The almond / jasmine / tonka bean / coffee / vanilla combo is very alluring. I honestly did this about 5 times during my duty free shopping.

A floral wave of white Sambac jasmine and tuberose is placed in contrast with the mysterious and deep notes of tonka bean and cocoa. The fragrance comes in an elegant black stiletto shaped bottle as a 50 and 80 ml Eau de Parfum. Its quite popular and i can smell this frag on many girls i work with.

I tried this perfume today and all I can say is:it smells good,but it's nothing unique about it. As others have said, Good Girl is something that’s been done many times before, often better and for less cost than it is here. I’m hopeful CH will later come out with a flanker I like. It's slightly girly- not as womanly as I thought it would be- but I'm glad it doesn't resemble classic 'womanly cologne' because it would just be a complete waste.

On my skin I get a distinct roasted sharpness from the coffee and a creamy tuberose feel which gives it almost a velvety texture.

I have noticed many reviews mentioning "sexiness", of course the bottle can somehow lead the mind towards the "sexy" direction, but also the cacao nuances, which are delectably blended with the coffee bean, give to this perfume an edgy,spicy character which someone can interpret as sexy.

Also, I can't smell coffee or cocoa, I can feel the vanilla with a hint of spice. The bottle exquisite and unique indeed , a stunner. Too sweet, too much, too strange, with something remembering the roasted hazelnuts gone wrong in L’Artisan Noir Exquis, I might be wrong, and there is no way I could find out if I am correct or not, but I imagine this is o be a typical stripper scent, it has a very in your face vibe of “I want to be sexy and you must see it, smell it, feel it, and pay for it !!! As it is not it still has some potential to be further developed!

A very expensive perfume, I would not buy it unfortunately it smells like muddled frags bunch of notes clashing giving a metallic or perfumey vibe which I loathe that so I'll pass hate uninspiring frags... Then it dries down sweet vanilla Tonka ,a bit of coffee, cocoa and a spicy hint. ” This perfume is nice on cold sniff (or sprayed on a piece of paper)- a general kind of nice. It needs a hook- something that stands out, but isn't overbearing and clashing with the soft sweetness and florals.

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It's been compared to Black Opium but I really prefer this one. That said, I will test it again when I have a chance and maybe spray it on only one arm and Addict on the other to compare and see if my mind [nose? I was so happy to find this at the airport during Black Friday I was surprised but I saw a TV commercial for it and it said it was at the airport.

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