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She placed her glass on a small table beside the chair and reached into a pocket of her robe."I suppose we could do the next best thing." Heather whimpered as Laura held up a long dildo, its gel-like surface gleaming faintly.Curled on the floor between Laura's chair and a space heater was a naked young woman in the throes of unsettled slumber.Around her neck was a dog collar from which dangled a little metal heart with the word "MARCIE" stamped into it. She presented the tray ahead of her, bending over until her breasts dangled and nearly slipped out of her costume.The nipples were two ever-hard and aching points tenting the narrow trim at the edge of the lace, half-moons of areolae peeking out above it.She let out a husky sigh and shuddered once more as the panties of her skimpy French maid outfit again tugged into her already wet pussy, the exposed slivers of her ass cheeks quivering. She slowly thrust one lithe leg forward and tugged her garter until the tiny wrinkle in her black fishnet stocking vanished, leaving her leg silky smooth once more.Every movement was executed with poise and liquid sensuality, her pussy oozing and tingling with repressed sexual heat.She drew her foot back and brushed a few stray red hairs out of her eyes.

Jason is beside himself, desperately searching Elizabeth's journal for clues to combat the Darkness and fulfill a promise to find Richie's father, all while Heather falls deeper under Laura's control and Melinda to her own mother.To be so enslaved as to have completely lost herself to sexual desire, to have no respite from unending lust and need until she became little more than sexual want personified, to... Heather did not dare straighten up until she was told. "Wouldn't you just love to be taken from behind right now? Pleasure rose unbidden, out of her control to either stop or ignore.Laura took another drink as she watched Heather tremble.Laura placed the dildo on Heather's tray and swept up the wine glass."Show me how you like it, slave." Heather picked up the dildo and straightened up.

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