Dating the roommate

But good news for me - he had a girlfriend, and the rent was cheap, so I figured, what could it hurt? We had different schedules - he was a bartender and I worked a regular ol' nine to five, so we'd just chat in the kitchen as our paths crossed, maybe watch a movie together once in a while, and he spent a fair bit of time at his girlfriend's, so everything seemed to be going well. One time I was about to go on a date and he told me "Damn girl, you look good. The combination of his hard cock inside my pussy and his talented fingers on me made me come fast, and hard. Every once in a while he'd give me a little spank, or slide his fingers underneath me to play with my pussy and make me writhe, or kneel on the floor to stick his cock into my eager mouth.

Maybe you should just stay home and I'll bone you myself." Yeah, he uses the word bone. "Trust me, you couldn't tempt me." He banged his fist into his chest. The sound of my orgasm, the way my pussy squeezed his cock when I came, must've sent him over the edge, because with a shout he was filling me with cum, short hard thrusts that rocked the bed and made the headboard slam against the wall.

I stood up and pulled my dress up and showed him my ass.

I told him this is what everyone at the bar saw, then I sat back down.

Jay didn't have a girlfriend but did date different girls. Me on the other hand wanted to explore the dating world and sex. My date got me into a bar where he proceeded to get my drunk. I was too drunk to put my key in the door lock and was fumbling for a while before Jay heard me and open the door.

As we danced, he kept pulling my short dress up enough to show off my ass and making gestures to others around us like I was a slut. I stood there with a stupid smile on my face and said: "I'm drunk." Jay laughed and helped me in. He sat next to me asking how my night went and I explained how many people saw my ass and thong.

I looked down at my legs and I must have slid down on the couch where my dress was up to my hips and my panties were totally exposed. I was immediately turned on and quickly closed my eyes to see where this would go. It was a pretty sight to see him stroke it and work it so masterful. I waited till he was in bed before rubbing my clit to an orgasm.

I found a 2 bedroom, 1 bath place for rent which quickly I learned I couldn't afford. He was a 27 year old guy I knew from the gym I worked at part time.

His name is Jay and he was a happy and handsome guy.

I could've done what I really wanted to do, which was drop to my knees and take that beautiful beast in my mouth. I let my eyes drift closed and imagined his cock buried deep inside me as the orgasm ramped up. At the absurdity of the situation, at the relief of the release. I had just poured myself a glass of wine and settled in to watch shitty TV and feel sorry for myself when I heard the door jiggle. He traced my face with his right hand, his fingers sliding over my cheeks, my lips.

"Thanks," I said, in my best platonically friendly voice. But as he opened the fridge and reached for the orange juice, I rallied. "No touching," I said, annoyed at the breathless tone in my voice. Those hopes were firmly squashed when I came downstairs one Sunday morning to find him standing in the kitchen waiting for me, stark naked. It was rock hard and beautifully thick and he was slowing stroking it back and forth and - "What the fuck is this? Has nothing to do with you, dummy." There were a lot of things I could've done at that moment. I could've started making disparaging (if entirely untrue) remarks and killed his boner. He was five feet away and all I wanted to do was close that gap, but instead I rubbed my clit faster. I heard the splatter of his cum and fell back against the kitchen counter, rubbing my sweet little pussy until I came myself, all over my fingers. He was staring at me and, as if on cue, we both burst out laughing. I had been passed over for a promotion, and then my mom called to let me know our family dog had died. But that night, after we'd said our goodnights and shared a tender, G-rated hug, and I was safely in my room with my vibrator pressed against my clit, my mind wandered to one of my favorite fantasies these days..sneaking into my room, crawling under the covers with me, his hands in all the forbidden places, his big cock pushing into my, in my fantasy, he was whispering into my ear not just "I want to fuck you" but "I want to be with you," "I want to hold you," even "I love you." Well, this is swell. I hurriedly got out and wrapped the towel around my wet body, but as I stepped into my room he had already reached the top of the stairs. He allowed his furry chest to press against mine, and I felt the tip of his hard cock straining against my soaking wet pussy.

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