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But that changed on November 22, 1941, when the US Army Air Force (AAF) initiated Project MX-140.The idea was to develop a high altitude, long range, heavy bombardment aircraft.Even without a central fuselage, the XB-35 had an impressive artillery capacity.

In 1938, he formed his own company, Northrop Aircraft, based in Hawthorne, California.

It was also massive, its 172-foot wing span promised to dwarf the wildly popular B-17 Flying Fortress, which was just over 104 feet across.

And it included a host of new technical developments.

There was even room for a relief crew of six to sleep, a necessity given the design requirement of a 10,000 mile range on long-duration flights.

It really was shaping up to be wholly unlike anything else in the skies at the time.

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Northrop won the contract, and it was exactly the project Jack Northrop needed to get his flying wing off the drawing board.

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