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Sites must be about public drumming circles and not just about drums and drumming.

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The history, rhythms and care of the Tabla, zills, riqs, defs, oud and more.

- from Middle Eastern Dance page Rhythm Guide - covers 10 rhythms and has sound files so you can hear how the rhythm should sound Basic Rhythms for Cabaret Belly Dance Routine - by Mary Ellen Donald Caring for your Tabla - short list of helpful hints about your drum A Drummer's Advice to Beginning Dancer's - by Kirk Templeton Drumming for Dancers and Dancing for Drummer's - by Frank Lazzaro Middle Eastern Drum History - from Ja's website A Review of Music and Rhythm: (from a belly dancer's point of view) - by Roxann (Ann Sabin) This paper is organized into two sections.

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He is a melodic drummer and enjoys playing the powerful tabl beledi and an assortment of Middle Eastern frame drums.

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