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When in doubt about Rabbit MQ config file location for your OS and installation method, consult the log file and/or management UI as explained in the following sections.

Alternatively config file location can be found in the management UI, together with other details about nodes.

The value may be set to an integer number of bytes or, alternatively, in information units (e.g Disk free space limit of the partition on which Rabbit MQ is storing data.

When available disk space falls below this limit, flow control is triggered.

Hi PE is not available at all on some platforms, notably including Windows.

Default: to precompile parts of Rabbit MQ with Hi PE, a just-in-time compiler for Erlang.

This will increase server throughput at the cost of increased startup time.

All configuration items are commented out in the example, so you can uncomment what you need.

Note that the example files are meant to be used as, well, examples, and should not be treated as a general recommendation.

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In most distributions we place this example file in the same location as the real file should be placed (see above).

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