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I know you yourself have suffered these and your bit in your book is amazing, but without being nosy could you elaborate a little more on what you suffered. It is the memory of having these thoughts and the fear of them and trying not to think them that is keeping me thinking them!Firstly anxiety is excess adrenalin, add this to bad nerves and this is why we feel anxious.

The way to rid yourself of them is to allow them to be there, not to rid yourself of them, worry why you have them.

I hope there is something there for people to relate to.

Paul For more information and help, visit my main site For more information about my book ‘At last a life’ visit entry was posted on Sunday, February 24th, 2008 at pm and is filed under Obsessive thoughts.

Otherwise it would have made no difference if I went for a run or not.

I was not going crazy or anything, it was anxiety playing its tricks again.

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