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But as the Web site became a billion-dollar enterprise, its creator, Ross Ulbricht, went from idealistic to dangerous.

But, in reality, there is a decidedly more cynical underside to all this euphoria.One Silk Road employee—a family man in central Utah, no less—had been arrested in a cocaine deal, and Ulbricht believed he’d stolen 0,000 of his money.Ulbricht, who operated on the site under the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts”—a nod to the 80s movie , a Canadian whom he had never met in real life but who operated on the Silk Road under the nom de plume “Variety Jones.” The first solution to the management crisis seemed the easiest: to simply pay the employee, Curtis Green, a visit and subsequently scare him into returning the stolen money.Whatever reservations Ulbricht may have had seemed quickly overwhelmed by his own ambitions to keep the site growing.By early 2013, however, Ulbricht was encountering his first major management crisis.

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