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We should use all of the information provided for us by God, so usually the reasons for adopting an "age of the universe" view are both scientific (the focus in this page) and theological (the focus in AGE OF THE EARTH & UNIVERSE - THEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES).This page describes high-quality educational resources on the web — with views from a variety of perspectives — that we think you'll find interesting and useful, that will stimulate your thinking and help you explore a wide range of ideas. ", and imply that "NO" means "then you can't know much about it." What can we know, and how?• old-universe claims by TO and Hill Roberts; a good overview of current young-universe astronomy by Danny Faulkner; young-universe claims by Don De Young and Jonathan Sarfati (with science plus Galileo).The overviews & responses above also include some astronomy, especially in Humphreys (topics 1-3), and TO's Topic-List & Tiscareno (astronomy plus the final topic in page, Star Distances).

• Tas Walker offers a 12-page series about Biblical Geology. • claims for young-earth evidence (from geology, radiometric dating, astronomy,...) by Russell Humphreys and Carl Wieland and Jonathan Sarfati.

They define all old-earth views as "evolutionary" and imply that an old-earth view cannot be authentically Christian.

They ignore the important differences between three questions (when, how, who) and use "when" to define the answer to all three.

• Mark Isaak asks 20 tough questions about Producing the Geological Record in a Global Flood.

• Answers In Creation offers a free Online Geology Curriculum for homeschoolers, or anyone who wants to learn.

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• a summary (by Ashby Camp) of ideas in Faith, Form and Time (a book by Kurt Wise, a prominent young-earth scientist).

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