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With a TV subscription, you can stream life events, including Sunday Night Football, the NHL regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs, Formula 1, Indy Car racing, and more.You can also stream regional content from certain teams.

You can pay a year to get premium access, which gives you 2 minutes of action in every regulation period live, and you get to watch all in-game highlights.

Yahoo Sports is another great curator of sports content from all over the internet and if you're a soccer fan, you'll especially enjoy all the in-depth coverage that Yahoo Sports has to offer, which includes much more than just MLS and UEFA coverage.

If you sign in with your Yahoo account, you can synchronize your settings across all devices so that you get the same experience no matter what.

You can watch live coverage of all the major sports from wherever you happen to be, and you can stream the Ultimate Fighter, UFC Tonight, NASCAR Race Hub, and other great sports shows.

You will need to receive certain channels in your cable subscription in order to view everything, but if you're a diehard sports fan, you probably have them all anyway!

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